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Inaugural World Sand Greens Champion!

The inaugural World Sand Greens Championship for Women was contested at Walcha Golf Club on April 10th and 11th,  bringing an anticipated $175,000 financial injection to the New England township.

Fifty-nine professional competitors from Australia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Colombia, Wales, the USA, and more teed up for the event. Most players had never even seen a sand greens course before, making it a truly unique experience and one that they absolutely relished.

Many seized the opportunity to learn the skills and rules of the game from locals during the Pro-Am event, like raking the green before a putt.

The final round was a very tight-fought battle where, at one point, 13 players were within two strokes of the lead. In the end, Lydia Hall from Wales who started the final day of the tournament five strokes from the lead, stormed home to win the trophy and became the first-ever World Sand Greens Champion!

Click here for the event wrap and a great article from commentator and journalist Mark Hayes on some of the players’ preparation for the tournament.